5 feb. 2010

Repeat After Me

Repeat After Me
Title: リピート・アフター・ミー?
Genre: Yaoi
Volumes: 01
Mangaka: Fuwa Shinri

Yunosuke Shiga is a true Japanese man who fervently loves everything about his country's history, culture, and customs. However, things couldn't be worse when corporate commands from above orders him to, "Master English in 3 months or else!" Not even possessing English skills equal to that of a middle schooler, Yunosuke thus finds himself sent to the most prestigious foreign language institute in Japan, Shiratori Language Academy (SLA). A high-level institute not only famous for its strict and effective teaching, but also its abundance of gorgeous international elite teachers!
But for someone who has never traveled one step outside of Japan, Yunosuke only ends up suffering from extreme culture shock, a murderous curriculum, and... fated love?!


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