11 dic. 2010

Bousou Kareshi

Title: Bousou Kareshi
Alt.Title: Wild Boyfriend
Mangaka: SAKIRA
Genre: Hard Yaoi, Romance, School Life
Published in: Junet Comics Pierce Series
Length: 1 Volume

My super strong classmate, Ran, is my cute lover♥ We are so in love! Or that’s how it’s supposed to be. I think he’s cheating on me!
Bousou Kareshi features many other stories. Included is Keitachi’s meeting with the normally weak glasses boy. He loses his rationality and goes erotically wild!
The first comic of Sakira; the start of a love-eroticism legend!

Capitulo 1
Capitulo 2
Capitulo 3
Capitulo 4
Capitulo 5
Capitulo 6
Capitulo 7
Capitulo 8
~♥~Volumen Completo~♥~

Créditos: Blissful Sin
Estado: Completo

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