11 ene. 2010

Happy Play

Collection of oneshots. 9 in total. Some light S&M, bondage and toy action.
1) Happy Play: In an attempt to tease a classmate he dislikes, Fujihisa made a love confession to Narumi out of the blue. Fujihisa just wanted to see what a panicked expression on the usually cool and calm Narumi looked like. He certainly didn't expect Narumi's reply to be, "I like you, too." Unfortunately, Fujihisa can't exactly tell Narumi, "The confession was just to tease you." They end up going the whole way. Narumi's sweet words of love prove to be the special ingredient for their happiness in this intimate romance.
2) Work the Other Way Around: Student Kazumi is jealous of his older lover Sakae's attention to others. But the school counselor has eyes only for Kazumi, and a gift for hypnotism...
3) Earned Run: School idol Haru is gentle to everyone except his lover, Tomo. Only Tomo knows the cruel, perverted side to Haru, but is that a bad thing?
4) Diary Exchange: Yuuta and Iori are lovers, coworkers and roommates. But naive Yuuta is always being manipulated by the perverted Iori.
5) Daily Jealous Innocents: A college student's obsession with his expressionless classmate leads to S&M.
6) OK! Baby!: Hana is an office worker being blackmailed into a sexual relationship by a perverted but childish doctor.
7) Profitable Secret: Seitarou insists on keeping his relationship with Kazuya a secret, but Kazuya is tired of Seitarou's coldness at school.
8)Fake: That's not where your cell phone goes.
9) The Symbolic Ring: Nao is always trying to be good enough for young master Eietsu. But Eietsu thinks Nao is just fine the way he is.


Créditos: Fushichou, Liquid Passion, Memory For You.
Estado: Completo

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