5 feb. 2010

Doctor's Rule

Doctor's Rule
Title: ドクターズルール
Genre: Yaoi
Volumes: 02
Mangaka: Sakura Ryou

Vol 1 - Doctor's Rule
• Nakajima is called for backup at the hospital Kurata is working. When they were high school students, Kurata and Nakajima were lovers but Nakajima unilaterally forced a rule on Kurata to not have eye contact with him and he finally ran away from Kurata. On the other hand Nakajima realizes that his disquiet never disappears...
• 2 students of an acting school are working part-time in Kurata's hospital. One aims at getting a wealthy man and Kurata gives him a ticket for a mixer where adult guys who like young boys will gather...
• Because of their battle of ego, rival attorneys play a game where the loser must be a slave...
• Angst between an elite career inspector and a detective under his jurisdiction.
Vol 2 - Amai Kusuri


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