25 nov. 2011

Doutei Saizensen

Título Original: 童貞最前線
Título Alternativo: Doutei Saizensen: First Line of Virginity
Mangaka: Shin Mizukami
Género: Yaoi, Comedia
Tomos: 1
FanSub: FantasyShrine & Nakama

Even after Colonel Michel Rosenberg and Hans Schuyler had their honeymoon, their life together was still filled with H-action! This seemed to have affected the Defense Army as a whole. Love started blooming everywhere: between the enemy commander and the colonel’s assistant, Miller; the instructor and his new soldier; the intelligence captain and the enemy’s spy; the mercenary captain and the elite chief of staff. Couples were accumulating in droves!

Precuela: Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta
Secuela: Bed no Shita no Himitsu

~♥~Volumen Completo~♥~

Créditos: FantasyShrine & Nakama
Estado: Completo

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