11 ene. 2010

Fairy Tales Souya Himawari

Collections of fairy tales with a yaoi twist:
1) Beauty and the BeastIt is almost like Disney's Beauty & Beast. But this story is a little bit different. There is a man with 2 daughters and a beautiful youngest son. The son's name is Belle. One day, the father went out to town for business. He got the daughters' presents except the son. Then, suddenly he saw an extraordinary rose & pluck it for his son's present. A beast came out & shouted...if you want your life to be spared, bring your youngest son to this castle... The man had no choice but to ask his son to go to the castle. Will Belle go to the castle?
2) Glass Pen (Penderella)
3) Fox and the Monk
4) Artist and the Thief
5) My Treasure
6) Snow White + Snow White Conclusion
7) Wish Come True

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