11 ene. 2010

Forbidden Sweet Fruit

1) The Forbidden Sweet Fruit
2) In My Room...When Misaki's older boyfriend kicks him out, he moves in with sex friend Makino and his roommate Youji as their maid. Job details include cooking, cleaning, and sex!
3) Window Seat Paranoia...Yuzuki finally gets his coveted window seat, though now he also sits next to super good student, Kiryuu. But Kiryuu turns out to be an alright guy, though sometimes he gives Yuzuki some strange looks...
4) The Distance Between You and Me...Okutsu's gay and has a crush on his drinking buddy Suou. When Suou sees him with a sex friend, Okutsu figures their relationship is over, but Suou surprises him with a proposition.
5) Satisfy Me With a Real Kiss...Student council president Masaki has never lacked for sex partners and has no intention of settling down. But when cute and direct Tomoru tranfers into his school, Masaki is determined to catch him. Will his promiscuous ways end up destroying his chances with his latest love?

Chap. 1-2
Chap. 3
Chap. 4
Chap. 5

Créditos: Liquid Passion, NoDeadline
Estado: Completo

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