12 mar. 2011

Come with the wind

Genres: Comedy Doujinshi Shounen Ai
Related Series: Slam Dunk (Adapted From)
Volumes: 1
Status: Complete
Groups Scanlating: Dangerous Pleasure
Licensed (in English): No
Plot: Rukawa x Hanamichi

A tranquil town in the countryside during the middle of summer... Hanamichi, a 'very curious and vigorous boy' discovers a strange creature sleeping in the nearby forest. What happens next will change the way you look at 'My Neighbour Totoro' forever!


Créditos: Dangerous Pleasure
Estado: Completo

2 ♥Comentarios♥ :

Ociosa dijo...

yo lo traduje aqui http://ociosa.metroblog.com/ven_con_el_viento


Ociosa dijo...

sí, x supuesto q' t doy permiso :D
Si q'res poner algún otro doujinshi q' traduje aqui, no problem n.n

(tu blog es genial)


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